Amarnath Yatra- Delhi to Pahalgam

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After coming back from Manikaran, when I was showing my pictures to all friends, Mandeep said- Sir, you are a traveler. Visit Amarnath this time. That was June 2010. I accepted his suggestion. After long discussions and facing many problems, it was decided to start on 12 July. We were all 6 members- me, Mandeep, his elder brother Kaloo, cousin Dharamveer, Shahanshah and the sixth Billoo. We hired a cruiser. Its back seats were removed and then made a four berth sleeper so that four persons can sleep comfortable.
All the six members left Delhi at five in the evening. As we entered into Haryana, weather began to worse. Ultimately after Sonepat, it started heavy rain. The closer we were to Panipat, the heavier rain and gale storm began. We couldn’t able to move more than 20 kmph due to low visibility. Although bad weather treated as good one with us after Kurukshetra. Now a search began to start for dhaba, so that after getting full, we could sleep. Many dhabas were there, but the cruiser was stopped in Punjab, just after crossing Haryana. When all were full, again started to move. I hold a corner ‘sleeper’ and began to snoring.
Awaked in the morning after Samba. From here a road leads to direct Udhampur. Udhampur is 50-60 km from here if we go direct. But if we go via Jammu it is more than 100 km. As we turned towards Udhampur, Jammu police stopped us. They told that there is a prohibition to move on this road. We will have to go via Jammu. Here Kaloo and Dharamveer have joined with Delhi Police, they know all about such type of problem. They said that nothing will happen and ordered driver to move. Forcefully cruiser was started despite of prohibition. We travelled only 8 km, again Jammu police stopped us and let us to go back. We were again at Samba chowk for Jammu.
Now we stopped at a dhaba near Jammu byepass. It was declared to fresh and take breakfast as early as possible. It was also declared that we will not stop before Banihal. All of us took light breakfast resulting a stop just after Udhampur. Again light eating done and some persons bathed.
Now we moved, moved and only moved. Crossed Jawahar Tunnel without any problem. We read about this tunnel that this is the longest road tunnel in India, but now it isn’t. This rank has gone to a tunnel between Kullu and Mandi. That is 5-6 km long, whereas Jawahar tunnel is 2.5 km. After crossing it, Kashmir valley starts. Road enters into plains of valley after travelling a long in Pir Panjal mountains.
There is a T-point at Khannabal, one road leads to Srinagar, another goes to Pahalgam. Here is defence force inch to inch. And they are the actual organizers of Amarnath yatra. If they were absent, no Indian could go to Amarnath as well as Kashmir.

Our sleeper coach
An old man at Qazigund
The beginning of Kashmir valley
Kashmir side of Jawahar tunnel
Jammu side of Jawahar tunnel
Pir Panjal mountains near Jawahar tunnel
Kaloo is filling water
A reflection
Green hills
Jammu byepass
A rain structure
Our cruiser


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One thought on “Amarnath Yatra- Delhi to Pahalgam

  1. Suyogya gupta says:

    Many kudos for solo travel !a true travel guide for middle class tourists! Advance towards north east.

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